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Werhouses and industrial facilities

We meet the need

In the last few years, Poland has become a strategic logistics destination in Europe. The supply chain disruption during the pandemic has prompted some companies to move production to the Old Continent to ensure operational continuity. The e-commerce industry is booming. With the expanding range of options available amid growing demand, choosing the right facility requires increasingly detailed and professional analysis. We offer end-to-end consultancy on warehouse and industrial space lease, as well as coordinating the design and construction of BTS (build-to-suit) and BTO (build-to-own) facilities. Our services also include the purchase and sale of investment land.

We see more than others

We know how to assess market trends and predict changes to come. The dynamic growth of e-commerce has increased the demand for logistics space. When advising our clients, we always consider the nature of their business. The right location and adaptation of the building to unique logistics processes determine whether deliveries are made on time. This is why we always provide our clients with solutions that best suit their operational needs, effectively support business growth plans and ensure employee well-being.

We know what matters

As companies’ sustainability awareness has increased, so has the need to have a real impact on climate action. Logistics tenants follow this trend too, and we accompany them all along the way. We look for high-standard facilities incorporating green solutions that support energy efficiency and even carbon neutrality.

We offer end-to-end services

A comprehensive range of services is one of our strengths. Our projects are handled by a team of experienced professionals, ranging from qualified market analysts and effective negotiators to lawyers, architects and project coordinators, who ensure top-quality service at every stage.

Our end-to-end services

Reviewing and comparing available space

Choosing the optimal building and negotiating a favourable deal takes expertise and experience. We always carefully analyse facilities in terms of location, standard, type, size and price.

Contract renegotiation

Renegotiating the terms of an existing lease before it expires may benefit the landlord. In addition to rent reduction, areas for negotiation may also include ensuring additional space for your growing business or alterations done by the landlord for the tenant.

Handling transactions

We successfully implement projects big and small and we approach each as a challenge, no matter its level of complexity. We carefully handle every stage of the transaction process, making sure to maintain a high standard of service.

Technical cost audit

Technical reports define the condition of the acquired or vacated building. They prove useful when you need to calculate additional costs of any repairs and contribute to savings. We also carry out an audit whenever there is a lease renegotiation or renewal coming up.

Lease cost analysis

We perform a detailed analysis of warehouse lease costs, including the rent, utility consumption and operating fees.

Coordinating the design and construction of BTS and BTO facilities

BTS (build-to-suit) and BTO (build-to-own), or designing and building facilities tailored to the needs of a specific organisation, usually work best for manufacturing companies or operations involving particularly advanced logistics. With the design being made to precisely defined, individual specifications and based on the choice of the most convenient location, the finished facility is tailored exactly to the needs of a specific company.

Purchase and sale of investment land

Buying land to build logistics and warehouse facilities can be a profitable investment as long as the investor is supported by an experienced advisor who knows how to find land with the right potential.