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We meet the need

The decision on whether to stay in your current office or relocate your business is not easy. Both options require in-depth analysis backed by expertise and experience. While we usually look for new locations, sometimes the optimal option turns out to be remaining in the existing office. Then we renegotiate the terms of lease.

We see more than others

We know how to assess market trends and predict changes to come. We see what others overlook, namely the role of the office in employer branding. A conveniently fit-out office at a suitable location enhances an organisation’s prestige and helps acquire the best talents, which indirectly improves company profitability.

We know what matters

Our range of services goes beyond end-to-end consultancy. It is also focused on aspects that the post-pandemic office market must address, such as the changing role of the office, which is no longer just a workplace but also a place that supports employees’ well-being and efficiency and, in the long term, business goals.

We offer end-to-end services

A comprehensive range of services is one of our strengths. Our projects are handled by a team of experienced professionals, ranging from qualified market analysts and effective negotiators to lawyers, architects and project coordinators, who ensure top-quality service at every stage.

Our services

Comparative analysis of buildings

The comparative analysis we propose uses advanced measuring methods to assess buildings in terms of energy consumption, environmental certification, condition and costs.

Handling transactions

We successfully implement projects big and small and we approach each as a challenge, no matter its level of complexity. We carefully handle every stage of the transaction process, making sure to maintain a high standard of service.

Project management

Signing a lease requires multiple stages of preparation. Before we close the deal, we always make sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Work environment strategy

We advise on how to create a workplace that is optimal for every employee: a flexible space fitted with new technologies to increase the comfort and safety of work that is readily adaptable to the needs of both teams and individual employees.

Operating cost audit

An office lease agreement includes a service charge. To better understand how it is paid, it is worth looking into the types of costs incurred in more detail.

Legal aid

Regular assistance from an experienced lawyer is important at every stage of signing a lease. It includes ad hoc consultancy, collecting and verifying documents, as well as identifying legal risk.